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Descriptions of Gregory's Projects

Cinematic Photography

Gregory is a fine art tableau photographer that uses a cinematic aesthetic within his photographs. This involves exterior and interior lighting, scene design, character development and certain post production work including color grading and tonal adjustments.


Technology's Promises

(The images in this series are part of Gregory’s latest project which he continues to develop )

We experience life as individuals, separate and apart from everyone else, including those closest to us. We develop relationships and experiences that are important to us and that help us overcome our sense of separation. Technology allows us to share information about our lives with more people and in more ways than ever before and so promises a new way to overcome our isolation.

The promise of technology comes with a cost in terms of its effect on our relationships and how we experience life. When we use technology we are oftentimes physically and almost always intellectually detached from the world around us. We temporarily put aside physical relationships and experiences for technology enabled mental or virtual relationships and experiences. In our attempt to connect to others through technology we separate ourselves from others in the physical world.

These images are my commentary on the cost of technology’s promises. They are reflective of individual moments within a larger narrative involving our struggle to recognize and deal with the isolation and separation intertwined with our use of technology.

Gregory Beams



(Created in 2014, this series was the beginning of Gregory's exploration of the separation and isolation people experience as they navigate through their lives and loves ... While the series remains unfinished, the exploration of this topic has continued through his current series, albeit in a different form.)

We are surrounded most of our lives by family, friends and people that we care about. They are an important part of how we experience the world and yet our experience remains unique to each of us. We bring our innate view of the world, our sense of self and life that we are born with and that is unique to each of us. While we share our lives with others, we can never see the world as they do and so remain trapped within ourselves. It was this sense of isolation that caused me to explore this concept through this series of images.  

Gregory Beams